My photography was born out of a desire to cultivate a connection between photographer and viewer, between human spirit and subject matter. Inspired observation freezes moments in time.

From behind the lens, my passion is ignited. I started to photograph Buddhas in 1976 during my rst visit to Asia. Since then I have devel- oped an appreciation—both as photographer and collector—of sacred Buddhas from around the globe. My other ongoing subject is the Floral Series, a compilation of close-up images of exotic tropi- cal owers. These photographs portray the beauty and simplicity of the natural world with the feel and hint of elegance. Hemingway in HDR is a new collection that I shot this past year while living in Paris. I wanted to explore the historic venues of Sun Valley’s most famous resident—but in a new, state-of-the- art medium that uncovers their rich tonal detail. This past year I also compiled a collection of owers and abstracts taken at Monet’s gardens in Giverny. Over the years I have experimented with alternative processes of photo development and dis- covered different printing techniques and surfaces to enhance each image. Metal materials make for a striking combination of color, depth and quality that surpasses the capabilities of paper. The metal images are waterproof and UV protected, enabling diverse display oppor- tunities. These images can be incorporated into any interior or exterior space such as garden areas, spas, restaurants, reception areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and alternative spaces. These collections of photographs offer a journey I invite you to explore through my eyes. It is my strong hope that the images will evoke spirit, light, energy, and connection. I am married and live with my two children in Sun Valley which has been my home for over 25 years.